GEM Group International collaborations


Commencing in 2009, GEM Group also collaborate with Staffordshire University, UK to provide degree programmes for students to study in Suzhou on the GEM SIP Campus for 3 years, students may progress to Staffordshire University, UK for one year to pursue their BSc(Hons)/BEng (Hons) Degrees in Computing Science, Web Development, Business Information Technology, Portable Games programming or Software Engineering. Students may choose to complete 4 years in Suzhou campus as well.

All courses in the international collaboration programmes are conducted in English by foreign teachers. Additional English classes are held to improve students’ English proficiency.

For International Graduate & Undergraduate Students on Study in China programmes
GEM Group is the host institution for Study in China International Exchange programmes. It collaborates with selected universities of repute in developing international exchange programmes where the selected universities’ students will study on its campuses .

In line with GEM’s vision for developing its campuses into a truly international one hosting international students from reputable universities from around the world and its wish to contribute to the development of the Dushu Lake Higher Education Town as an important international center of modern day learning and, GEM collaborates with such universities to jointly create a conducive environment for international students to gain and enrich their knowledge of contemporary China.

SKEMA is one of GEM’s collaboration partners. SKEMA graduate business students may now study in China for 1 or 2 semesters on GEM’s SIP campus. This hosting programme can be adopted for graduate and undergraduate programmes for tenors ranging from 1 semester to 1 or 2 academic years.

The opening of the GEM SIP campus and its hosting of students from foreign institutions of higher learning increases international student presence and diversity in the Dushu Lake Higher Education Town vicinity and enhances opportunities for intercultural exchange between local Chinese and international students.

Suzhou & Its Climate
Suzhou, a city of just over 6 million inhabitants, is the historic silk capital of China. It is about an hour's drive northwest of Shanghai. Being an integral part of the Yangtze River Delta area, the city has a rich history dating back more than 2,500 years. It is the home of Sun Zi, and the setting for his Art of War philosophy and book. European explorer Marco Polo called Suzhou "the Venice of China." The Chinese call it "Paradise on Earth."


Suzhou is located in a subtropical monsoon zone, so the weather is mild and moist with four distinct seasons.It is best to visit Suzhou between March and June because the temperature is not too low and the flowers are in full bloom until June. The Plum Rain Season of June is followed by a hot July. After July, a harvest autumn arrives.

To learn more about Suzhou,

There is a lot to learn when you first arrive on campus. Attending orientation is the fastest and easiest way to adjust to campus life.

Suzhou Academic Exchange programme & Collaboration Partners


Collaboration Partners
GIST is a Jiangsu government approved IT specialist college. Its IT syllabus is set up in conjunction with Microsoft (China) Co Ltd and with Suzhou Science City in the Hi-Tech Park. GIST has 2 campuses. The Xin Qu campus is located in Suzhou Hi-Tech park area in the western part of Suzhou. Its facilities can accommodate 10,000 students. The SIP Campus is located next to Hong Kong University Space College, adjacent to the Suzhou Science & Technology University collaboration; all of which come under the umbrella of the Global EduTech Management Group (GEM) educational investment holding and management group.

SKEMA is one of France’s leading institutes of higher learning with firmly established international reputation among universities, research organization, scholars, business and corporate leaders and governments in Asia Pacific, Europe and North America.

SKEMA awards undergraduate and graduate degrees in a number of disciplines to more than 2,600 students a year.

GIST and SKEMA work together in partnership to develop this international programme. With the commencement of the GIST-SKEMA academic collaboration, SKEMA is pleased to announce that it has established its SKEMA China Center at the GIST SIP Campus.

For more information on GIST and SKEMA, please refer to their respective websites: and


China Immersion Teaching Environment
All courses under this programme will be conducted in Suzhou in English except for the Hanyu language and culture courses which will be conducted by trained Hanyu language teachers who can also communicate in English.

Academic Calendar

  From To
Returning Students    
New Students Feb 13 (Fri) Apr 30 (Thu)
Orientation Briefing Feb 14 (Sat)  
Class starts Feb 16 (Mon) Apr 24 (Fri)
Spring semester weeks 10  
Review & Exams Apr 18 (Sat) Apr 24 (Fri)
Classes end Apr 24 (Fri)  
Internship (8 weeks)    


Living & Studying
At Dushu Lake Education Town


Higher Education At Dushu Lake Education Town
Dushu Lake Education Town is the home of many fine institutions of higher learning and research such as:

Global EduTech Management (Suzhou) Co Ltd (GEM) which owns Global Institute of Software Technology (GIST),

Science & Technology University of Suzhou,
Hong Kong University Space Global College (HSGC),
Suzhou Research Institute of University of Science and Technology of China,
Suzhou Research Institute of Xi'an Jiaotong University,
Suzhou Graduate School of Nanjing University,
Suzhou Research Institute of Southeast University,
International College of Renmin University of China,
Suzhou Institute of Sichuan University,
Xi’an Jiaotong Liverpool University and
Soochow University.

Now, following the commencement of the GIST SKEMA academic collaboration, Dushu Lake Education Town is also the home of SKEMA’s China Center.

WenXing Plaza Student Village
WenXing Plaza is the center for student village life where all daily student needs including student accommodation may be found. There you can find banks and ATM machines, supermarkets, canteens, pharmacies, post office, fast food outlets, newspaper stands, hotels, etc.


Places To Eat
There is a student canteen on the 1st floor of Wenxing Plaza, and a food court with a selection of Chinese food eateries on the 2nd floor of Wenxing Plaza. There are also a number of restaurants, and fast food restaurants (McDonald and KFC), coffee houses close to MBA Hotel (walking distance).

MBA Corner & Classrooms
The MBA Corner and the classrooms are on the 2nd floor of the GEM building in Block A in SIP campus. Students will be issued an entrance card to enter the facilities on 2nd floor. The entrance card charge is RMB30 per card per student. If students lost their entrance card, a replaced card can be obtained from the Administrative Office at a cost of RMB30.

Dushu Lake Library
The beautiful Suzhou Dushu Lake Library is an integrated and modern digital library. It has 1.5 million digital books, 600,000 traditional books, 30,000 digital periodicals, 1 million research papers, and more than 10,000,000 library indexes. Free WIFI is available on the second floor in the library. To apply for library card, students should prepare:

1. A valid passport

2. A one inch x one inch photo

3. Personal profile form (obtainable from the library front desk)

4. A refundable library card deposit of RMB500

5. A non-refundable annual fee of RMB30.

Library Hours
Centre Normal Business Hours Business Hours on Public Holidays Phone
Information CounterInformation Counter Sun to Thu 9:00--17:00 Fri 9:00--15:00 Sat 9:00--17:00 9:00--17:00 65936697
Social Science Reading Room B101 Sun to Thu 9:00--21:00 Fri to Sat 9:00—17:00 9:00--17:00 65934217
Digital Reading Room B102 Sun to Thu 9:00--21:00 Fri to Sat 9:00—17:00 9:00--17:00 65934209
Foreign Language Reading Room A108 Wed to Sat 9:00--17:00 Closed 65934663
Arts Reading Room B201 Sun to Thu 9:00--21:00 Fri 9:00--15:00 9:00--17:00 65934206
GIST Reading Room B301 Mon to Thu 9:00--17:00 Fri 9:00--15:00 Sat 9:00--17:00 9:00--17:00 65934216
IT Reading Room B303 Sun to Thu 9:00--21:00 Fri 9:00--15:00 9:00--17:00 65934215
Study Rooms B302/C405 Sun to Thu 9:00--22:00 Fri to Sat 9:00--17:00 9:00--17:00  
Reference Room (Information Service Centre) B403 Sun to Thu 9:00--17:00 Fri 9:00--15:00 Closed 65934662
Coffee House Mon to Fri 8:30--20:30 Sat to Sun 8:30--17:00 8•30--17:00 65936631

Dushu Lake Gym
The Gym has modern indoor facilities for basketball, badminton,
billiards, table tennis, taekwondo, a fitness center, aerobics room,
cycling, swimming pool, tennis courts, rock climbing, squash and
chess facilities.
It also has an outdoor stadium approximating 6,000 sq m for basketball,
volleyball, tennis and badminton courts and soccer fields, etc. Please
contact the Gym for further details – 62602324.

Public Transport


Dushu Lake Education Town runs an efficient free bus service. The area is serviced by a good public bus transport system with buses on the 178, 146, 118, 142, 218, 812, 228, 128, 16 and 110 routes. Bus fares vary from RMB 1 to RMB 5, depending on the type of bus and the distance. For detailed bus schedules, please see Appendix A.

Taxi service is popular in China. Students can easily find a taxi on the street, or call 67776777 for a taxi. For taxi usage, always go by meter. The starting rate is RMB10 for the first 3 KM, and RMB1.8 per KM for the next 2 KM and RMB2.7 per KM for the remaining distance.

Suzhou Bus Card
Buy a Suzhou Bus Card. The refundable deposit isRMB 40. Retain the deposit slip
if you want to reclaim the deposit when you leave. Without the slip, no refund is allowed.Then top up RMB 60 for starters. Keep the payment slip so that when you top up the next time, you will know how much you have used/travelled before refilling it.

Nearby supermarkets are located at Auchan, Century-Mart and Carrefour at LouFeng. Check out the free bus services schedule to Century-Mart and Carrefour.



Sharing a 3-bedroom apartment in MBA Hotel
You will be sharing a 3-bedroom apartment with 2 other students at the MBA Hotel which is within walking distance of everything you need.

Collective Accommodation Rental
MBA Hotel will not collect accommodation rental, etc on a per student basis in the case of accommodation sharing. It will not entertain individual student request for separate accommodation and other separate cost billing. Students sharing the apartment must agree amongst themselves as to who is the main tenant. The accommodation will be deemed to be booked in his/her name and the other 2 will have to make arrangements to pay the necessary monies at the appropriate times to the main tenant who will pay for everyone’s behalf.

Refundable Rental Deposit
One (1) month deposit is payable upon signing up for the apartment. The deposit is refundable on return of vacant possession to MBA Hotel in good condition.

Make sure the Rental Deposit Receipt is obtained. Deposit will be refunded only upon presentation of the Receipt.

Without the Receipt no refund is allowed.

Advance Utilities Purchase
Electricity and water usage is for the account of the tenants. Electricity
and water usage must be purchased in advance. Once it is used up,
please top up.

Students sharing an apartment will have to work out cost sharing on
their own.

SUGGESTION: Purchase RMB450 for electricity and RMB120 for
water upfront.

Facilities in a 3-Bedroom Apartment
Each apartment has one sharing toilet and a small sitting area.

Items Yes No
Pillows (2)  
Bedding Linen  
Side Tables  
Table Lamp  
Electric Kettle  
Clothers Hangers  
Bath Mat  
*Toilet Paper  
Soap & Toiletries  
Hair Dryer  
Iron Board  
First Aid Kit  
Sewing Kit  

* Only first roll of toilet paper provided. Student must purchase their own after the first roll.

Free TV Service
Free TV service is available in the sitting hall in each room. A remote control is provided in each apartment. There are more than 70 Chinese TV stations. CCTV9 (Channel 20) is the only English station. Students can subscribe for International TV stations. To subscribe and activate the international stations, students should bring their passport, together with a monthly subscription fee of RMB319, to MBA Hotel’s front desk to register. Should the students want to disconnect the international stations, ONE (1) week notice should be given to the front desk.

Free Internet Service at MBA Hotel
WIFI service is available free of charge.

MBA Hotel will provide free housekeeping once a week. This includes making beds. Bed sheets will be changed once every 2 weeks. No towels and other personal laundry will be handled by housekeeping.

Laundry Service
There is a self service laundry machine on 10th floor in MBA Hotel, laundry charge is RMB3/load with a laundry cycle of 40 minutes. The laundry service provides only washing service, there is no dryer service in the MBA Hotel. There is another laundry service, Laundromat, opposite MBA Hotel, laundry charge is RMB5/load (roughly 4kg) for washing, and RMB7/load for dryer service.

Mineral & Bottled Water
This is not provided by the MBA Hotel. Students may purchase their own bottled mineral water from the local supermarkets or small sundry shops.

Telephone Service
Students can activate the landline service by paying RMB100 in
advance. The phone charges are as shown below:

Local RMB0.4 * 130% per minute (30% service charge)
Long Distance RMB0.8 * 135% per minute (35% service charge)
International RMB9 per minute.

Once the RMB100 is used up, the student(s) can choose to top up to
continue using the telephone service. The balance is refundable when
checking out from MBA Hotel.

MBA Hotel does not provide breakfast service for guests. There is a small snack corner in the lobby of MBA Hotel selling sandwiches and coffee for breakfast. The corner is open from 7am to 11pm. There are also a McDonald’s and a KFC outlet within walking distance. Chinese breakfast is available in the local eateries in the student village.

Summary of Student Accommodation Costs & Deposits
3 students sharing one apartment will have to be prepared to pay cash
for the following:

Rental Deposit RMB2,500/mth
Electricity & Water(Adv. Purchase) RMB500
Telephone (Adv. Purchase) RMB100 (Optional)
International TV Stations RMB319 * 2 months (Optional)

MBA Hotel Front Desk Service
Front Desk Hours: 7 days a week 24 hours a day
Front Desk Phone Number : 38888
Front Desk Manager : Mr. Yang

Health and Safety

Medical Attention
Medical attention can be obtained at the Medical Room, located at the student dormitory. It provides 7 x 24 medical services. For further details, please call 87161634.


Map to Clinic and Police Station

China has strict rules on the import of medicines and not all drugs commonly prescribed to westerners will be readily available. You are allowed to bring small amount of prescription drugs into the country in your personal baggage. You should bring a copy of your prescription with you as customs officers may need to check it. Chinese medicine is of course popular and Chinese remedies are readily available from the many stores in the city.

Police Station
There is a police station right next to WenXing Plaza. If students need police assistance to resolve any issue, there is a on-duty team available 7 * 24. For the exact location, please see the above map

Emergency Phone Numbers

Police 110
Ambulance 120
Fire 119

Other Useful Contact Numbers

Student Counselor: Lillian Chen HP:13584897373
Administration Office: Yang Juan Off : 62955916


Prepaid Mobile Phone
To ensure that students can be reached at all times, the Administration Office will keep track of all students’ mobile phone numbers. Students in the same batch may subscribe to a group mobile phone service package, whereby subscribers may enjoy free calls among the group subscribers. A prepaid mobile phone card will be arranged for students. Students will need to purchase credit in advance at China Telecom Service Center in Wenxing Plaza. Once the credit is used up, students can top up at China Telecom Service Center in Wenxing Plaza.

Money Matters


The closest bank branch is the ICBC Bank at Multi-purpose Building (Zhong He Lou). The bank business hour is 9:00am to 4:00pm, from Monday to Friday.
Don't forget to bring your passport.

Once you have your bank account, kindly inform the Administration Office of your bank account number for facilitation of direct bank transfers etc as need be into your account. Note: To get to the nearest bank (ICBC Bank), please take the free 888 bus (3 stops from Wen Xing Plaza) .

Cash and Credit Card
Credit cards are not popular or commonly used in China. Most restaurants on campus do not accept credit cards. Government authorities, for example, medical check-up and residency permit application, only accept cash transactions. Therefore, students are advised to bring enough cash for their stay in China.

Note: If you exchange EURO to RMB in the bank in China, KEEP THE EXCHANGE RECEIPT. When you leave China and need to convert RMB into EURO, you will need to show the proof of your EURO/RMB exchange.

Voltage, Frequency and Plug/Outlet Type

Electricity in China is 220 Volts, alternating at 50 cycles per second. If your device does not accept 220 Volts at 50 Herts, you will need a voltage converter.

Plug Adapters and Outlet Shapes
Outlets in China generally accept 2 types of plug:


If your appliances plug has a different shape, you may need a plug adapter.


Making Sense of Immigration
You are responsible for maintaining your immigration status and obeying immigration regulations while studying in China. Check your immigration document – student visa – to make sure they are in order. Write down when your visa needs to be renewed so you can remain in China without interruption.

A valid student visa gives you the right to stay in the country while you study. If you are accepted into a programme with a less than six months duration, you can apply for a short term visa – Visa F Type. If your programme duration is exceeds six months, student visa – Visa X Type – must be obtained.

Residency Permit with Visa Type X
When you enter China with Visa X, you must within 30 days report to the local authority to obtain a residency permit. A medical report is required to apply for a residency permit. Therefore, students must first
report to the authorized medical check-up center for a medical check.
If students already perform medical check overseas and the medical
report is recognized by the local authority, local medical check up is
not required.
Please note you will have to pay fees for the following:
i. Residency permit: RMB400/6 mth.
Ii. Medical Check-up: RMB658/student

Residency Permit with Visa Type F
If you enter China with Visa F, you are not able to apply for residency permit, thus no medical check-up is required. Generally, Visa F is a “single entry” visa -once you leave the country, you will have to re-apply for another visa for reentry.

Residency Permit with Visa Type L
If you enter China with Visa L, you must within 30 days report to the local authority to obtain a residency permit. A medical report is required to apply for a residency permit. Therefore, students must first report to the authorized medical check-up center for a medical check. Please note you will have to pay fees for the following:

Residency permit: RMB400/6 mth.
Medical Check-up RMB658/student

Contact Persons:

SoonHwee Tin HP: 138 6210 8394
Yang Juan HP: 138 1284 7192
Min Wen HP: 138 1277 3353
He Hong Fei HP: 137 7177 8072



Bus Routes and Schedules


Wen Xing Plaza Century Mart Auchan Luzhi
(From Century Mart)
Guanqian Street Tiger Hill
118 142 146 178 128 812 228 16 18 27
52 118
141 142 168 218 518 812 100 126

Lian Feng Guang Chang


Yuan Qu Qi Zhong

142 146 218 18 27 28
32 47 118 5
18 518
Pu Cheng Bei Lu
Guan qian jie dong
146 (Le Qiao, Go north)

2 5
1 2
5 8
20 32
55 101 529

146 2
1 949

888 - Dushu Hu Education Town Bus (Free)

BUS ROUTE: North Route

Bus Station - Area B student dormitory Suzhou Research Institute of Southeast University - Neighborhood Centre - Wen Xing Plaza - Suzhou Graduate School of Nanjing University - International College of Renmin University of China - Suzhou Research Institute of University of Science and Technology of China - Zhong He Lou Library - Egret Park - Gymnasium , Theatre - Soochow University (South Entrance) Soochow University (2nd Phase) - Suzhou Research Institute of Southeast University Area B student dormitory - Bus Station

Bus schedules (Mon. to Fri.)
5 Minute Intervals 10 Minute Intervals 20 Minute Intervals
7.40 ~ 9.00 11.50 ~ 13.40 9.00 ~ 11.20
11.20 ~ 11.50   14.00 ~ 16.20
13.40 ~ 14.00   17.00 ~ 22.40
16.20 ~ 17.00    

Bus schedules (Sat. Sun.)
10 Mins. Cyc. 20 Mins. Cyc. 30 Mins. Cyc. 45 Mins. Cyc. 60 Mins. Cyc.
7.40 ~ 9.00 11.00 ~ 14.00 10.30 ~ 11.00 9.00 ~ 10.30 14.00 ~ 15.00
  16.00 ~ 19.00 15.00 ~ 16.00   19.00 ~ 20.00
    20.00 ~ 22.30    

BUS ROUTE: South Route
Bus Station - Area B student dormitory Suzhou Research Institute of Southeast University Soochow University (2nd Phase) - Soochow University (South Entrance) - Gymnasium , Theatre Zhong He Lou - Suzhou Research Institute of University of Science and Technology of China - International College of Renmin University of China Suzhou Research Institute of Xi'an Jiaotong University WenXing Plaza -
Suzhou Research Institute of Southeast University Area B student dormitory - Bus Station

Bus schedules (Mon. to Fri.)
5 Minute Intervals 10 Minute Intervals 20 Minute Intervals
7.40 ~ 9.00 12.00 ~ 13.20 9.00 ~ 11.20
11.20 ~ 12.00   14.00 ~ 16.20
13.20 ~ 14.00   17.00 ~ 22.40
16.20 ~ 17.00    

Bus schedules (Sat. Sun.)
10 Min Intervals 20 Min Intervals 30 Min Intervals 45 Min Intervals 60 Min Intervals
7.40 ~ 9.00 11.00 ~ 14.00 10.30 ~ 11.00 9.00 ~ 10.30 14.00 ~ 15.00

16.00 ~ 19.00 15.00 ~ 16.00   19.00 ~ 20.00

  20.00 ~ 22.30    


(From Bus Station at back of MBA apartment and dormitory area, near Scholar Garden)

Bus Station Behind Carrefour
Wen Xing Plaza Carrefour
7.30 9.00
9.30 11.00


15.30 17.30


Note: * Bus schedule updated as of 3rd Nov 2008

(Pick up in front of Wen Xing Plaza)

Wen Xing Plaza Century Mart
8.00 9.30


18.40 19.20



Suzhou Railway Station
Take Bus 178
(intercity railway station; go to Shanghai from here)

Suzhou North Bus Station
Take Bus 812; take Bus 178 and walk across bridge.
(intercity, country towns bus station)

Suzhou South Bus Station
Take Bus 16
(for country towns including Tongli, Zhouzhuang, Shenze, Wujiang, etc)


Between Pudong International Airport and SIP

Pudong SIP
6:45 7:15* 7:50 8:20
8:50 9:20 9:50 10:20
10:50 11:20 12:20 13:20
14:20 15:20 16:20* 16:50#
SIP Pudong
10:00 10:40 11:20 11:50
12:50 13:50 14:40 15:20
16:10 16:50 17:50 18:50

1. Location in Pudong Airport: Bus stop on 2F
Ticket: RMB84
Tel: 021-6834 5743

2. Location in SIP: Modern Leisure Plaza
Ticket: RMB84
Tel: 0512-6280 7058 / 6190 2988

Total Travel Time : Approximately 2 hours 20 minutes.
* Stops only at HongQiao Airport (Domestic Flight)
# Stops only at Pudong International Airport

Between Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport and Suzhou Zhongshan Hotel

Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport Suzhou Zhongshan Hotel
10:30 11:30 12:30 13:30
14:30 15:30 17:00 19:00
Suzhou Zhongshan Hotel Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport
6:45 7:45 8:45 9:45
10:45 11:45 12:45 13:45

Total Time: Approximately 2 hours 30 minutes.
Location: Suzhou Zhongshan Hotel , Renmin Road
Ticket: RMB90
Tel: 0571-8666 2539(Xiaoshan Airport)