gist campus
GEM SND Campus

GEM SND Campus is located in the Suzhou Science and Technology Town (SSTT), Suzhou New District, west of the city.

The campus covers 50 acres with 120,000 sq.metres of campus facilities. It houses Global Institute of Software Technology (GIST).

GIST promotes a balanced lifestyle of teaching, learning, living and recreation in the midst of technology development. In line with this, the campus has five zones:

Teaching & Learning
Sports and Recreation
Office and Administration
Residential Life

The campus design and layout embodies the balance of modern science and technology while retaining the charm of old Suzhou. It is an ideal place for students and faculty to work, study and play.

The campus sits within the SSTT which covers an area of 50 acres and extends the campus facilities with an advanced infrastructure for teaching, learning and living.

Computer Lab