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GIST is a joint venture between GEM Suzhou, Microsoft, and Suzhou Science and Technology Town (SSTT).

As a unique institution of higher learning driving innovation in software technology, GIST was granted permission by the Jiangsu Provincial Education Bureau to recruit students through independent enrollment. GIST was set up as a provincial-level dazhuan (diploma) college in 2007.

Student Enrollment
GIST enrolled its first batch of 1,800 students in September 2007. Today the College has over 4,700 dazhuan students pursuing courses in software engineering and information technology. GIST SND Campus has a 10,000 student capacity. GIST also offers educational programmes in the GEM SIP Campus in the Suzhou Industrial Park.

GIST Education Philosophy
GIST's operatiing philosophy is to combine theory and practice, and expose software graduates to the international state-of-the-art. Hence, "International Cooperation, Production-Study-Research Integration" are combined into practice in our unique education model of "Classroom-Teaching-Project Simulation-Paid Practicum", covering both the teaching of software technology and foreign languages (English and Japanese).

School Vision
GIST's vision is to prepare students with world-class professional competence for successful careers in a global society.

GIST Leadership
President Professor Min Guangtai

GIST Faculty
GIST has over a hundred faculty members. Among them are professors from Tsinghua University, assistant professors, postgraduates, teachers with 'double-qualifications' proficient in both education and software, certified lecturers from Microsoft, project managers and software engineers from leading software enterprises, senior project managers and process management experts, full-time foreign experts from abroad including Europe and America, and returnees studying abroad. The student-teacher ratio is 19:1




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Suzhou University of Science and Technology is an anchor partner providing academic licensing, academic resources, and conferring degrees.
Suzhou Science and Technology Town provides the institute with a conducive living and learning environment as well as support for practicum and employment.


Microsoft (China) Ltd is the anchor partner of GIST. Microsoft provides advanced software technology courses, senior lecturers and development projects for the institute.

CISCO Systems provides networking products for the use of the Institute and its computing labs.


Advanced Micro Devices






GIST has six departments:
  Software Engineering
Network Engineering
Digital Content
Information System
Software Foreign Languages
Basic Courses

GIST offers ten majors:

Software Technology
Design, programming, testing and system support for computer applications and database technologies.

Computer Application Technology
Design, development and research, operation, maintenance and repair of computer information systems.

Computer Communications
Design, development and research, operation, maintenance and repair of computer communication networks.

Network System Management
Network systems, security setup, management and maintenance of network systems.

Computer Network Technology
Basic theories and skills in computer networking, installation and maintenance of network systems, network programming.

Computer Multimedia Technology
Design and development of computer multimedia software, and multimedia interactive products.

Product Modeling Design
Industrial modeling designs, visual communication design, mold design to support manufacturing and design companies.

2D and 3D animation design and production and digital painting.

Computer Information Management
Design, programming, production, management and maintenance of information management system software.

Modern business management, computers and networking. Website building and maintenance, network maintenance, network marketing and research for industry and institutions.

GIST-HELP Diploma & Degree Programmes

Students study in Suzhou on the GIST East Campus (GEM SIP Campus) for 2 years. Hereafter students study in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on HELP’s campus for 1 year to complete the GIST and HELP diplomas.

Students may chose to complete their Bachelor Degree in Information Technology in the 4th year in HELP Kuala Lumpur or at another approved foreign university of the student’s choice.

All courses are conducted in English by foreign teachers. Additional English classes will be held to improve students’ English proficiency.