Article from CERAM website

Feb 2009


Students Off to CERAM-China Campus (now SKEMA Suzhou Campus)

(Note: CERAM is now SKEMA; the CERAM-China Campus is now the SKEMA Suzhou Campus)

Seventy-nine CERAM students are packing their bags, ready to leave for the CERAM-China campus in Suzhou. In February, they will be attending classes on the new CERAM-Suzhou campus, just a half-hour train ride from Shanghai.

Over the last year, CERAM has opened two new campuses: one at Paris-La Défense and the other in Suzhou.

The students who are leaving for Suzhou will have three months of classes, followed by an internship period in a company in Suzhou, Shanghai or Beijing.

As well as business subjects, students will get ninety hours of tuition on Chinese culture to help them quickly become operational in the country's working environment.

Suzhou has 12 million inhabitants. It is the city in China that attracts the most foreign investment and is China’s second city for industrial output. 120 of the world’s largest multi-nationals have already set up in Suzhou, especially in the sectors of IT and telecoms, making it a centre for the knowledge-based economy.

It also offers great living conditions; there’s an old Chinese proverb: “Up above there is heaven; down below there is Suzhou.”

The CERAM-Paris campus has been hosting students since September, and from next year will offer new Masters of Science: MSc Corporate Finance, and MSc International Marketing & Business Development; and in partnership with the Pole Universitaire Leonard de Vinci, CERAM will offer two dual Masters of Science, MSc Financial Markets and MSc International Project Management.