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Yang Shi Liang

Vice Chairman, GEM Suzhou Ltd

A native of Shanghai, Mr Yang Shi Liang was China’s leading public officer in charge of Sino-Foreign joint ventures for the semiconductor industry.

For a long time, Yang headed the international collaboration department of the Ministry of Electronics; he was instrumental in helping foreign companies enter China. He has served many Chinese leaders, including President Jiang Zemin and Hu Qili. Mr Yang sat on the partnership committees between the Chinese government and large multinationals such as Motorola, NEC, Fujitsu, Siemens and IBM. An expert in forging win-win cooperative and collaborative ventures between China and the outside world, he headed the 909 semiconductor project negotiation on behalf of China. His work in promoting international cooperation between China and foreign companies are widely recognized among government and industry circles.

Mr Yang directs the Sino-Foreign joint venture programs from his base in Beijing. He supports, mentors and guides officers at the local trade and investment promotion bureaus of many provinces including those from the Suzhou Industrial Park.

Mr Yang retired from public service in 1998 to serve as a consultant for private companies. He was the Chairman for JinPeng Group in Guangzhou, General Manager for Hong Kong Greater China Investment and Chairman of HiMore Technology. Mr Yang is now Vice Chairman of GEM Suzhou. He heads the development of the Software Engineering Technology College for GEM.