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Executive Director ( Business Operations), GEM Group

SK Ko, a science graduate from the Universiti Sains Penang, Malaysia, had an illustrious career at the senior management level of multi-nationals, having served Motorola for much of her work-life.

In the early days, she managed Motorola’s Penang factory, producing telecommunications components and equipment. As a manager of a multi-ethnic and labor-intensive plant in Asia, Ko faced a number of challenges. Her success in the Penang Motorola factory was entered as a case study with Harvard Business School. During her tenure, she pioneered her own style of management that suited the cultural context of the factory and is a firm believer in staff training and development.

Well-known in the corporate world for her gentle but firm compassionate management style, SK Ko last served as Corporate Vice-President and General Manager, Motorola’s Commercial, Government and Industrial Solutions Sector, Asia Pacific before retiring in 2003.

She is an honorary resident of the city of Nanning, an honor bestowed to her for bringing in the 911 system to the city, the first city in China to have installed a sophisticated emergency system. SK is also a recipient of many other awards, including the ones given out to outstanding women business leaders in the Asia Pacific; she is one of the few female corporate vice presidents in the Motorola Group.

Since her retirement, SK has been enlisted to provide mentorship and coaching services to CEOs and senior managers of multi national companies. In addition to being an active contributor of community charity in Malaysia and Singapore, SK and PY support 30 children in China’s Hope Project.