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Dato' PY Lai

Chairman, GEM Group

Dato’ PY Lai is the founding Chairman of The GEM Group and Vice Chairman of Peking University Software Education Development Company. An engineer by training, PY received his education from the National Taiwan University and awarded the title Chartered Engineer from The Institute of Electrical Engineering in London.

In 2002, PY retired from serving a 34-year career leading the world’s two leading Information technology; Motorola and Intel in Asia. For PY’s contribution to the industries in Penang and Malaysia, he was bestowed the honor of Dato’ by the Governor of Penang. Upon his retirement, for his contribution in bridging Asia, the West and between industry and academia, PY was elected to the Board of the Center for Creative Leadership of the United States and made a fellow of the Malaysian Academy of Sciences. For his contribution towards the development of China, PY was given the People’s Friendship Award by the Chinese government, the Great Wall Award by the City of Beijing, and appointed President of the Foreign Enterprises Association of Beijing. PY is also honored with the honorary permanent resident of China.

During PY’s tenure with Motorola and Intel, he presided as CEO and strategist managing the globalization and localization of INTEL and Motorola in Asia. He has served in various capacities in his 21-year career with INTEL Inc., lastly being the vice president and general manager of Asia Pacific. During his 8-year career with Motorola, he was senior vice president Motorola Inc. and Chairman of Motorola. PY led the company’s expansion in the world's fastest growing market. Motorola became China’s largest foreign investor, the No 1 brand in telecommunication and the most admired employer in China during that period.

PY has been a staunch supporter, sponsor and promoter of education at all levels in Malaysia and China. He led the creation of a learning infrastructure for computer education in Malaysia, supported China’s Project Hope and built Flood-relief Schools in China’s impoverished regions, and led a major program in initializing 1000 CEO’s of China’s state-owned companies into the market economy.

PY is a visiting professor in Renmin University in Beijing and China University of Science and Technology He is also the Honorary Dean of the School of Information Technology at Huazhong Science and Technology University.