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Professor Min Guantai

President, Global Institute of Technology

Professor Min Guantai was born in 1945 in Nanjing, China. He was an outstanding academician, recognised by the Jiangsu province Government as a Distinguished Young Expert, was a Special Allowance Gainer from the State Council, was honored by the Jiangsu province Education Committee as Excellent Educator, and honored as Excellent President by the China Education Labor Union.

Among his many achievements are 22 papers in Computer Science, over 40 papers in higher education, 4 teaching books on Automation and Computing as the editor-in-chief, 2 monographs in Higher Professional Education as the editor-in-chief and several monographs with others.

He has assumed many social positions as well, including as member of the Committee in Cultivating a New Generation in the State Education Ministry, Vice-Chairman of Jiangsu Higher Education Research Federation, Chairman of the Editorial Committee of 21st Century-oriented Higher Professional Teaching Materials sponsored by the Shanghai Jiaotong University Publisher, Chairman of the editorial committee of Application-Oriented Undergraduate Education Teaching Materials sponsored by Shanghai Jiaotong University Publisher, Chairman of the editorial committee of Electronic & Information-Oriented Higher Professional Education Teaching Materials sponsored by Xi-An Electronic Science & Technology University Publisher, and was the representative and member of the Standing Committee of the 12th & 13th Nanjing People’s Congress.

Professor Ming Guantai graduated from Nanjing Institute of Technology in 1968, after which he worked as a technician at the Hui Tong Mine run by the Xin-Jiang Colored Metal Company. In 1978 he lectured as a graduate student at the He Fei University of Technology, and was Vice-President of Jinling Polytechnic College in 1984. He became an Associate Professor in 1987, was a Visiting Scholar at Hanbur College, Canada in 1989, and became President of Jinling Polytechnic College in 1990. He was made full Professor in 1995, and in 2002 became President of Jinling Institute of Technology.